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Tai Chi Kung Fu Mumbai Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taichi Chi Gung India

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We have researched various methods of Physical fitness and martial art training, over last ten years. We have also trained the armed forces and the Police in various fitness and combat subjects.

Our efforts at modernization of unarmed combat training for armed forces has received the appreciation from the Chief of Army Staff in 2001. This is the highest level of appreciation from the forces.


Our professional qualifications in medicine has enabled us to clearly absorb useful health concepts and discard what is fiction. We are all post graduate doctors.


Our additional qualifications in alternative medicine has further helped to explore traditional Chinese arts.


Our one Director has a UN recognized PhD in alternative & complementary Medicine, a MD, MBBS in conventional medicine and a Doctorate in Military science. Our other Director is an MBA in addition to being an MD.


Besides this, our vast experience in rehabilitation of over 5000 policemen with various health problems has helped tremendously in modifying the older classical form of Tai Chi.





Dr Seema rao Md, Mrsh(UK), Mba (Hrd)


      Dr Seema Rao has trained the Indian Forces and the Police in tactical & Combat training under invitation by the top Brass in various fitness/ unarmed combat subjects.


She is also a consultant for the corporate sector in Executive Fitness and Stress management.


Dr Seema was trained in Body building by Mr India title holder and International Bodybuilding judge Mr Darshan Aurora. She has expertise in Yoga, Dietetics, Rehabilitation, Aerobics, Isometrics and other methods of fitness.


       She is a fourth degree internationally qualified Black Belt in Tactical Military Combat arts. She has researched various martial arts for over ten years during her training for the forces and has trained 15,000 personnel in various combat arts till date.


She has graded upto level three in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. She is a registered recognized Tai Chi Master with the World Martial Arts Masters Federation, USA & the International Combat Ying yang Tai Chi Union, Europe.


Dr Seema Rao is a level 3 Yang style Tai Chi Master.


In addition, Dr Seema Rao holds a


Old Chinese Medicine Academy Diploma in Qi Gong

& also a

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Qigong Federation, ‘Qigong Teacher’ degree

She has been certified by Dr Bernd Hoehle, Inheritor Successor of  Prof Dr Gu Ping, Shaolin monk from PRC,

 the world renowned expert on Qigong.


She is also a Yondan Kempo Karate Blackbelt from Budo / Bugei kokusai Renmei, Japan & a 4th Deg Blackbelt in Military Unarmed Combat.

She has conducted training in various combat related subjects on 10,000 personnel from the armed forces, Police & other Govt orgs. Her work and research in modernization of training was appreciated by the Army Chief in 2001.


She has been a fitness/ training  consultant for the Indian Police. She has trained the police forces of Mumbai, Pune, Maharashtra, Delhi, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Chattisgarh, etc.


She was also responsible for reducing Pot bellies of 5000 Policemen all over India, by her revolutionary exercise program.


She is seminar faculty on Stress Management for Indian Merchants Chamber, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce and for top management / managers of companies like UB group- Herbertsons, VIP-Blowplast, Godrej, HLL, Cochin refineries, etc etc.




The Rao couple work & research was appreciated by the ARMY CHIEF in 2001.

In 2003, the CHAIRMAN of Joint Chiefs of Staff & the Naval Chief conveyed his appreciation of her selfless work.

In 2003, The Director General of Police Shri OP Bali, officially appreciated her excellent work in training the Police.

In 2003, Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth II, has expressed her interest to know of her work.

Drs Rao were interviewed by the National Press, DD, Zee & Star TV, BBC, CNN, NBC & Canadian TV, in Sept 1997. 

She has co- authored the book ‘A Comprehensive Analysis of World Terrorism, APH Publications, New Delhi in 2003’


Dr. Komal S, MBBS, AM  , Physician & Naturopath

In addition to her medical education, she is also a graduate of Alternative Medical Council of India. She is a qualified Executive TaiChi Instructor.


Dr Komal also holds an International Instructor Certification in Qigong, Tai Chi, Meridian Therapy & Magnetotherapy. Other doctors are all qualified in Alternative & Complementary Medicine.


Sheetal Maniar, DPT(physio), Physiotherapist

She is a qualified Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Professional. She was an honorary Instructor for the Mumbai Police . She has trained 5000 policemen .She has expertise in Yoga,Aerobics ,Calisthenics  and Fitness training. She is also a qualified Executive Tai Chi Instructor.


Dr. D.Rao MD, MBBS (Mum), PhD, DSc,(military Sc, usa), Clet (usa), FRSH (uk),

Corporate Health Consulatnt.

He is a Consulting Physician and Corporate Health Consultant. He has been training the Indian Forces and the Police. Currently, He is involved in researching various oriental systems and methods of health and fitness.


Many more young doctors are being trained to spread the art of Chinese health and Fitness in their part time.

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We are open 7am-7pm, flexi hours, twice weekly
Weekend options,
One Instructor for One student- personalized attention
Qualified young Doctors as Instructors!
15 course modules to choose from
Certificates awarded

For Executive Tai Chi & Qigong Healing 

Call  Dr Komal / Dr Sheetal at

9820496752 /  9969022229


Many martial arts taught under a single roof via academic courses, diplomas and degrees. Open to any style and art. They award ranks and blackbelt certificates and higher promotions according to international guidelines. Also see below for more related links.

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Tai Chi in Mumbai is a journey. why is Tai Chi in Mumbai is a journey? bcos Tai Chi is a soul searching journey. Tai Chi is a physical journey. Tai Chi  in Mumbai is a mental journey. Tai Chi in Mumbai is a spiritual journey. Tai Chi in Mumbai is a art seeking journey. Tai Chi in Mumbai is a journey wthout a destination. Tai Chi in Mumbai is a journey without a definitive goal. Tai Chi in Mumbai is your individual journey. Tai Chi in Mumbai is a journey where the path travelled matters more than the destination.


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