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Tai Chi Kung Fu Mumbai Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taichi Chi Gung India

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Prices & Costs

The Executive Tai Chi Academy  is made up of  four doctors who have exceptional credentials in their health work. Executive Tai chi has been designed by them specially for the city folks and the mumbaites, who have little time but a big desire to learn Tai Chi.
Here Tai Chi is taught holistically with the aims of bettering your health, fitness, & vitality, & in addition  stress management.
Each and every individuals health status is taken into account and specific aspects of tai chi is taught for that particular ailment .
Hence Executive tai chi can be learnt by the fit as well as the sedentary, the lean as well as the overweight, the healthy as well as the diseased.
We can also teach Tai chi to
Heart patients with Ischemic Heart disease,
Diabetics & Hypertensives,
Recovering Stroke patients,
Arthritics, spondylotics,
Stress related diseases - Bronchial Asthama,  Peptic ulcers, etc
Elderly as well as the young, children from 5 yrs onwards,
teenagers as well as working officegoers.
We have various programs to suit your requirements and finances.
Please telefone us to discuss the one appropriate for you.
Please call us
Executive Tai Chi Academy
2384 1346      OR
cell - 98204 96752

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We are open 7am-7pm, flexi hours, twice weekly
Weekend options,
One Instructor for One student- personalized attention
Qualified young Doctors as Instructors!
15 course modules to choose from
Certificates awarded

For Executive Tai Chi & Qigong Healing 

Call  Dr Komal / Dr Sheetal at

9820496752 /  9969022229


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Tai Chi in Mumbai is a journey. why is Tai Chi in Mumbai is a journey? bcos Tai Chi is a soul searching journey. Tai Chi is a physical journey. Tai Chi  in Mumbai is a mental journey. Tai Chi in Mumbai is a spiritual journey. Tai Chi in Mumbai is a art seeking journey. Tai Chi in Mumbai is a journey wthout a destination. Tai Chi in Mumbai is a journey without a definitive goal. Tai Chi in Mumbai is your individual journey. Tai Chi in Mumbai is a journey where the path travelled matters more than the destination.


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